Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Blue Lazyboy

Yesterday I showed you my wonderful new longarm.  While impatiently anticipating the arrival of my longarm,  I was busy creating a space of my own where my creative thoughts could wander freely.  I had been wanting to paint a room screaming lime green for several years but there weren't very many options( my home is traditional...antiques  and warm soft colors)...no place for screaming lime green...till now!  I was thrilled, it was perfect.  Add a black and cream toile valance and some black and red accents and I had a space just for me.  And, then enters... the blue lazyboy.  It was suppose to belong to my nephew, but when the movers packed and moved my fathers things, it was by mistake sent here to Indiana instead of staying in North Carolina where it was wanted.  So, it was in my bedroom(where it didn't match any better than it does in my lime green sewing room), but then...yes! we sent it to my father-in-laws and I thought, that will work.  But, he doesn't use it anymore and it came back and my sweet husband thought it would be great in the sewing room so he can sit and read while I sew....now, I do think that is sweet and I don't have to feel guilty about the all the time I spent up there if we're together, but boy, it bugs me that it clashes with my niffy lime green space I was creating.  The things we do for love!

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