Friday, August 22, 2008

Fabric "stash" or "collection"?

I love my fabric stash. I love adding to it. I love organizing it and I love to sit and look at it. I can't say that I care to "bust my stash". I know some quilters worry about using their stash and sometimes feel guilty about adding to their stash . But I've been thinking if I just called my "stash" a "collection" instead it could change everything. I have a sister that collects chalk figures and a sister that collects old glass christmas ornaments. Having a collection is all together different. People praise people with collections for how vast their collection many different kinds of items are in their collection. Just think, someone could look at my fabric and say,"Look at all the different fabrics you've been able to must have had to work hard at long did it take you to "collect" all this? And if there is a few fabrics I just can't seem to cut into or have no idea what to do with but just had to buy , that's ok because I'll just say, Oh those are part of my "collection". I'm really liking the way this is sounding.

This is a "collection" of polka dot fabric I've been "collecting" for about a year now. I have tentative plans for a quilt...maybe one that is completely polka dots but till then it can just be my "collection of polka dot fabric".

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