Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hummingbird in the house!

This morning Bill left early to play in a golf tournament. I got up an hour or so later and the back door must not have been closed completely because the two dogs were inside and the door was wide open. This has happened before so I wasn't too surprized but look what also came in with the dogs. This isn't a good picture and you have to click on it to enlarge and really see. I really had no idea how to encourage it to fly back out. I opened both doors and set Jars with water that had red food coloring in it at the doors but when it flew it just stayed up at the ceiling, so now I'm taping left over red scraps from my sewing project yesterday on to the ceiling in front of the doors. It all looked pretty silly and I was feeling stupid. The hummingbird is looking stressed and I really didn't know what to do. Bill comes home and after taking all this in (he didn''t laugh at all my attempts.....outloud anyway) he decides to tape a sheet between two poles and try to direct it out the door. It worked. We haven't seen it since and I hope it can recover from the stress. It was a busy morning.

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