Saturday, September 6, 2008

Judy's BOM Block #3

I know...I know, if I would just follow directions it would be so much easier. Judy told us to pick out 7 fabrics and she had them all numbered. It was such an organized plan, but then I have to go my own way and sat here all week trying to decide which fabrics to use where. Should I introduce this bright pink or not. I think I'm really glad I did. At least at the monent, I think I like it. I haven't liked the fabrics I used in #2 and wanted to redo it, but then my daughter tells me its her favorite block of the three and my husband agreed so its going to stay as it is for now. I hope everyone sticks with this and gets their blocks done. It will be wonderful to see how everyones quilts turn out. I know they will all be so different and nobody needs another UFO, do they?


JudyL said...

You know I love those colors! That pink is yummy!

Kristin said...

I --LOVE-- the hot pink. Even before I read that you were unsure about it, I wanted to tell you how cool it was. Be bold and keep it up! =)

QuilterLynn said...

Looks great! By the time you get all your colors in, it won't matter in which order you introduced them! I love your focus fabric!