Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Whip that kitchen into shape!

I couldn't take it anymore ...its chaos. I used to be pretty good at making out a menu for the week , shopping and doing all the prep work so things ran smoothly but then my kids were younger and I knew when and where they needed to be and when meals should be served. Enter the teenage years....they come and go willy nilly...I don't even think they know where they are going or what time they're suppose to be there. There have been days when I had dinner on the table when they got home from school at 3:15....I'm not kidding. Sometimes you have to grab them when you can get them and it actually works pretty well as they ususally come home hungry...of course everyone is hungry again by 8:00 but by then I don't consider it my problem. But, I decided to try to bring order to my kitchen chaos once again. I made meatballs in sweet and sour sauce to be served over sticky rice and meatballs to put in the freezer for spagetti next week. From the hamburger and ground turkey mix I also made 3 meatloafs for the freezer. I have chicken in a sauce ready to go in the oven tommorrow and (I'm excited about this one) I have the Pioneer Woman's brisket in her marinade for friday. I think I will put barbeque sauce on some of it and some will be used to make sandwiches with horseradish sauce and provelone cheese. And, of course apple is fall after all ! I like it when a plan comes together.

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