Friday, October 10, 2008

Muddy pigs and Ickie lickies

The West side of Evansville Indiana is known for their brain sandwiches ...I'm not kidding. Have you ever heard of these? I have never had one.

I've lived in southern Indiana for 7 years and I finally made it to the famed West Side Nut Club Fall Festival. I hear about it every year but I had never been. It is suppose to be the 2nd largest street festival in the USA. I don't know...but that is what they say around here. I thought , since I finally made it here why waste carlories on your typical things...corn dogs and lemon shakes..go for what the festival is known for. The first thing my husband, Bill and I tryed was "Muddy pigs" which is bacon dipped in chocolate. Actually, it wasn't bad at all but, I don't know if it was something I would have to try again. Then, Bill had Alligator thank you..I didn't try that but at the same booth I did buy suckers with crickets in the middle to send to my nieces in Memphis...the suckers are called, "ickies lickies". Yum! Next we tryed sweet potatos fries and they really didn't have much taste. I decided they needed cream cheese with cinnamon to dip them in...or something. Before leaving I had fried pickles and those were really good. I would have those again. I just may go back next year for the fried pickles. Oh yeah, and lots of good people watching too.

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