Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Star BOM #6 and Quiltathon progress

Star BOM #6 is done....I think. I'm not so sure of the golden brown that I put in here. The dark brown that looks black in most of my star bom pictures is really a very dark brown and the golden brown I have here in this block is the fabric I had picked out to do the border with. The dark brown and the golden brown were to be the "zig zag" in the border. But as I'm doing these blocks, more and more it looks like the golden brown doesn't go so I thought I would try some here and see . I still can't tell so we'll have to make some blocks (I just hope I don't end up with a mish mash of star blocks)

Quiltathon accomplishment! This tablerunner took me all day Sat. to make and I really mean thats all I did. I think I must be the slowest. The center "red" fabric was givin to me and anyone who was interested at my Oct. quilt guild meeting with instructions to make something out of it...anything we want to make. Then we bring our item we have made back to the Dec. meeting and we do a blind swap. My children said a tablerunner was an obvious choice and I should be more creative but I think I did OK...and the best part is, ITS DONE.

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Margo said...

Looks transluscent...very pretty.