Saturday, November 8, 2008

I can't blame my Daughters this time!

On friday, when I was suppose to be getting that quilt done that is loaded on my longarm ( and I really did have plans to do just that) I snuck off to the Antique mall. It had nothing to do with my children or my husband this was just me getting into trouble (not that much trouble!). This big jar on the right is one that I have had for 22 years. I found it in my grandfathers wood shop and it had various nuts and bolts in it. I immediately pictured cookies in it and thought it was a keeper. When I asked my grandmother if I might have it she said, "oh honey,you don't want that thing..its just an old mayonaise jar". I'll never forget her saying that. Back to the antique mall, I saw this same "mayonaise jar" and they were asking 32.99 for it. I wonder what my grandmother would say to that? It made me feel so shabby chic that I knew that 22 years ago. The smaller jar on the left is the "trouble" I got into on friday. I really love the green on the lid. I can see peppermint sticks in this at Christmas, can't you? Maybe that quilt will get done today!

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