Monday, November 3, 2008

Just trying to get some quilting done!

I was excited...I had plans...Bill was playing in a golf scramble on Sat. and I would have 6 hours (more or less) of guilt-free sewing. Oh no, he will read this and read all kinds of sad things into that but I think most of you know what I mean and if bill thinks about it, he will too. You see, I really didn't think about my kids being around because they are usually coming and going with alot going on in their worlds. (Their teenage worlds that usually don't include me) Apparently not so this Saturday. Emmy was filling out Collage applications and wanted lots of help plus as you can see it gets her all worked up. Nervous and slap-happy! Sewing...not much got done, but I got to spend time with my daughters and really...whats more important.

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