Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fun Find in Gatlinburg

In Gatlinburg at Thanksgiving, we try to avoid the "main drag" with all the shops and people..people..and more people. We took a back road away from town and found a trail that we hiked for a couple of hours. So pretty and peaceful. On the way back we stopped at a road-side mountain mini-mart. Sometimes these tucked away places will have something I don't often (if ever)see. Bingo...success...they had the boxes of Red Band candy sticks. I get the peppermint ones at Cracker Barrel because they remind me of my grandparents and I like the way they look in an old jar. Well, this store had them in sassafras, clove, and birch flavors and the stripes on them are all different but all red and white or red, green and white. I have never heard of birch flavor ...have you? I really like the way they all look in my jar.

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whimzeestitches said...

We're big Gatlinburg/Pigeone Forge fans here - we were just up there in August after the AQS show in Nashville. We rent a cabin from Eagles Ridge cabins all the time and love them. I need to go take some back roads and make some stops the next time we are there!

Rick in New Orleans