Monday, December 1, 2008

I wanted to make each of my 3 sisters a lap quilt. I needed practice on my longarm...I told myself (and I did need practice). I got to shop for fabric I thought would match their personalities and their homes and shopping for fabric is always fun. But none of that was as much fun as watching each of them unwrap their quilts. Although we live in different states we get together with our families at Thanksgiving each year. This year we rented a large cabin in Gatlinburg. The sister on the left is Elizabeth from Chicago and she likes big bold designs and any shade of color in the purple family. Next is Betsy from Memphis and she is always redoing her home (she loves to decorate and is really good at it) but right now she is interested in lime green and pink with a faded denim blue, robin egg blue, and touch of red. On the right is Susan from South Carolina. Her home has the feel of a country home in England and has several fireplaces and is full of books (she just needs a large dog sleeping in the corner but I don't think that is going to happen). My hope is that they will be able to curl up under these quilts this winter with a good book.


Anonymous said...

I am the sister in the middle and I love, love my quilt!! It has totally inspired me to decorate and clean (yes clean) my house! Nancy truly has a gift for quilting and especially picking the colors! We are so proud of her and so blessed to be recepients of her talents and gracious gifts. She has also made quilts for our children. What a great sister!!!!!!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

How fun that your family is able to get together for Thanksgiving! What a great idea to rent a place. VERY nice quilts!!! Lap quilts are nice and snuggly and always used! We keep ours over the back of the couch. Great idea to match fabrics/personalities/decorating styles. I found your blog through Judy's quiltathan link.

Susan said...

I'm the sister on the far right (ooh, how appropriate is that??). I can't agree with Betsy, oops - middle sister above, more. The quilts are beautiful reminders of Nancy's talent, generosity and love. (I'm wrapped up in mine at this moment!) Thanks Nan!!