Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back on the grid!

Before I went to bed on Tues. night I stood on the front porch listening to the rain, knowing it probably meant impending doom. It was only 26 degrees and the temp. was dropping...we were slowly being encased in ice but it was suppose to switch over to snow at midnight so maybe...just maybe we wouldn't lose power and I could wake up, make soup, and sew all day. The rain didn't stop coming down and it didn't switch over to snow till 5:00 am. All hopes of that cozy snow day spent sewing and cooking while looking out at the beautiful scenery....poof..gone. Without electricity, sleeping in to 7:00 suddenly feels like a extravagant waste of daylight. Thankfully a rotary cutter doesnt' require electricity and I got several things cut out (picking out the fabric to cut in a dark walk-in closet with a flashlight...not so easy as you might think!)but today, yes..I can make soup and sew. While it was nice to have TV back to find out what was happening around us, I was sad to hear many people have it worse than we do here in southern Indiana.

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