Friday, January 2, 2009

Where have I been?

Our camera was old...I couldn't get the detail I wanted in my pictures..things were fuzzy. So we talked about getting a new one and we researched and then my husband researched some more and we really wanted a new one. I was having so much fun posting pictures on my blog. However we finally decided now was not the time for us to spend the money. No sooner had we decided that than the old camera broke. But we had decided not to get a new one and we were sticking to that, besides we had bought a camera for my daughter for Christmas and I knew she would probably let me borrow it (if I ask nicely) SO...thats the looonnng story of why I've been away from blogland.(
My younger sister, Betsy, found this poor old santa in an antique shop and thought he had a sweet face and she thought, "I know, Nancy will fix this guy." That was probably 5 years ago. I would always find him when I was getting the Christmas decoration out but with all the stuff there is to do at Christmas I wouldn't have time to fix him. And then Christmas would be over and I would lose interest (besides I really didn't know how I was going to "fix" poor old Santa") However this year I did drag him out and here he is. I think I really wanted him to looked older..maybe a little faded, but I never really knew how to do that. I just "fixed" him with what I had around.


Anonymous said...

I knew you could do it!!! He looks wonderful and I was positive he needed saving!!! He looks so happy and right at home!! Good Job!!! Betsy

JudyL said...

I heard you made a beautiful quilt for your DH. I want to see it! My goodness . . that Santa looks brand new! I wish you would've worked on me while I was there!

susan said...

Okay, ingnore my comment from above. I just hadn't scrolled down. (I told you I was inept at these blogs, truly blog illiterate!) I love the Santa. Great work! and just goes to show that sometimes we just need to give our selves time (and grace) to get things done.