Friday, April 24, 2009

Hopes and Dreams in Southern Indiana

I can enjoy Spring,

Redbuds and Dogwoods laced through the woods...

once my beds have been cleaned and preen and mulch applied. And there's the catch. We have older trees and therefore lots of leaves. Really, just imagine doing squats off and on for 5 or 6 hours. Bend over pick up leaves and put in the wheelbarrow..bend over pick up leaves
bend over pick up leaves
it seems never ending at times, but when its done the beds look really great and there's satisfaction in that. My thighs though...the fronts, the backs, ohh there is pain. And I had been spending time on the treadmill, even doing sprints up the hill beside the house

I wasn't prepared.

We also got our garden put in finally, after a wet cold April. There are tomato plants, basil, and rosemary. Also, we planted seeds for peas, yellow squash and zucinni. Its so easy to be optimistic in the spring. Its small and a little sad but there are high hopes. Silly Dreamer.

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