Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paducah Quilt Show

It was an impulsive trip to Paducah. I only live 2 hours away but I told myself I really didn't need to go. I woke up several times Wed. night thinking about the show. By 7.00 am I had dropped my daughter off at school, picked up a large coffee at The Donut Bank and was on my way. I used to live in Metropolis IL...just across the river from Paducah. I love Paducah, it feels like home.

No. 95 The Francesca Skirt by Serendipity Studio

I had picked up this skirt pattern at the shop where I work, The Village Mercantile in Boonville IN. I wanted to make a couple of skirts for my daughter, Lydia. I knew the remnant tables in Hancocks would be a great place to look for some funky fabric that she would like. I have one made..really cute..I would recommend this pattern.

Heres a picture of the rest of my (I should be ashamed) haul. I went a little crazy...maybe I should get out a little more.

I 'd like to make another skirt out of these three fabrics.

I got these for my daughter, Emmy's high school graduation quilt. Gee, think I might want to get started on that? I work better with a deadline...it'll happen.

Surprise, surprise, a few more dots for my collection of dotted fabrics. Can't resist the dots.

I like to use the fabric from American Jane with the rulers on it for binding on a 1930's quilt...and there are a few more pieces for my collection of 30's fabrics.

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susan said...

I love the skirt! And that's funny about the polka dots. I noticed them peeking out from the assortment of your new fabrics on the sofa. Then as I scrolled down the blog, there you had an entire polka dot collection! Great minds!