Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1st Time at MQS

I've had my APQS Millennium for 1 year now and I'm just now starting to know what I don't know and what questions I want to ask...have a good idea of what kind-of quilting I would like to explore more. It seemed like May and my classes at MQS would never get here. It was wonderful...there was a moment (EMBARRASSING but I kept it well hidden)when I actually teared up...all the answers to issues and questions I had been asking myself all winter were being flung out at me....bam ..bam..bam..and I couldn't soak it all up quick enough. I had wonderful teachers...Dawn Cavanaugh is such a good teacher and Sue Patton who really encouraged me to not always follow all the rules and be myself.....thank you Sue!

A pretty stereotypical picture of the "Quilting World" had been painted for my 16 yr. old daughter. Sue and her boots have single-handily renewed her interest...(keep trying to add to this but really don't think I need to)

The Sheraton and adjoining Conference center in Overland Park, Kansas were so nice. Love to be inspired in a beautiful setting. Now its time to put old fabric in my machine and practice...practice everything I learned.

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