Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life in 2010

Life: trying to exercise and longarm quilt while making sure a new puppy doesn't chew the furniture. Trying to get up at 4:45 with Bill and still make it to 9:00 at night (without snapping) Most nights, wishing I didn't have to come up with a meat and potatos dinner. Counting Bill's work clothes and calculating when I need to do laundry next. Looking forward to evening when everyone is home but wishing they would go away on the weekend, so I can have Bill all to myself..yea baby! Looking forward to Spring and golf..golf..I miss you golf! Catalog shopping at new summer clothes, telling myself if I stay on track, I might like this..and oh this.and ahh thats really cute and then remembering we have kids to send to college and thats OK.
Wondering if I'm going to have to learn to run the riding lawnmower..I said I never would. But right now there is snow on the ground and Bean is sleeping so back to the longarm I go.

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