Friday, April 9, 2010

dog-leg left

These days I seem to be restless. Usually, I look around my home at my family and its just so full I want to keep everybody just as they are but lately I crave some change or maybe some excitment. I want a dog-leg left know put myself out there..try something different without knowing exactly where I'm going or how its going to turn out. It could be that its could be that I just had a birthday that bothered me a little. Wed. I went to my very part-time job that I have enjoyed for the last 7 years and I quit. I think I like that change..I feel a little set free. More time to be with Emmy and Lydia this summer and more time to play on my longarm machine. Maybe I'll finally get my bedroom painted gray and put a quilt on the bed that I made. Maybe this summer sometime the whole house will be clean.

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susan said...

I thought you'd quit blogging, but I jumped here from Carrie's blog and BAM - new entries! And yes, spring! We have a mockingbird and azaleas. Isn't it wonderful!